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SSI's Passport Diver Program

Are you planning a vacation and want to dive at your destination? With SSI's Passport Diver Program, you can earn a passport to adventure and dive on colorful, shallow-water reefs under the direct supervision of a dive leader.

The Passport Diver Program takes dive training to a new level of convenience and accessibility for first-time divers by focusing on just the knowledge and skills required to dive proficiently under the direct supervision of a dive leader. And your Passport will continue to be recognized by any participating Passport facility as long as you log at least one dive every six months.

If you completed the Try Scuba program in the previous 14 days, you will receive credit for your academic session and Pool/Confined Water Session 1 and Open Water Session 1. Those who complete the Passport Diver Program can apply their academic sessions, pool/confined water sessions and open water sessions to Open Water Diver certification.

Academics are limited to practical, "need to know" safety information that directly affects the immediate needs of divers.

So you can start diving as soon as possible, you'll practice a reduced skill set with SSI's Comfort Through Repetition teaching method in limited pool and open water sessions.

  • Water training is emphasized so you can have fun diving.
  • You will practice basic scuba skills in order to build ability and comfort.

With the goal being to develop a working knowledge of scuba equipment, divers will receive an introduction to basic scuba equipment with an emphasis on equipment handling.

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